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    • Delphi Blogs of the Month #57 December 12, 2017
      As usual, this is a collection of links to relevant blog post and other newws you might heve missed over the recent perios of time, and that relate with Delphi one way or another. Embarcadero News There is a new Sencha MVP program, similar to the RAD Studio one: ...
      Marco's Tech Blog (marcocantu)
    • fpcupdeluxe December 10, 2017
      If you use Free Pascal and/or Lazarus and update them often to follow the development in trunk, or if you just need to use multiple versions side by side, have a look at fpcupdeluxe (GitHub). It's a GUI front-end which lets you easily select a release and build it, including cross-compilers, with a ...
      Delphi and stuff (Ondrej Kelle)
    • The Lazarus Effect December 10, 2017
      I haven't been focused on much software development lately, I've been working on some marketing material which I hope to have completed soon. Then I will get back to software development.Last night I was prodded by my friend Jeff Duntemann's post on Facebook regarding the release of Lazarus 1.8 ...
      Cape Cod Gunny Does Delphi (Michael Riley)
    • Spring4D presentation slides and more December 8, 2017
      Slides and code for my Spring4D presentation are now online on the Presentations page.And to the participants of the workshop, here's the answer I promised.If you want to catch all calls to some function while mocking, you can pass in Arg.IsAny (or call some other function of the TArg type, ...
      The Delphi Geek (Primož Gabrijelčič)
    • 3 Test Design Techniques and When to Use Them December 8, 2017
      I occasionally get stuck on one test technique and forget about everything else. I get a new change and immediately see a series of fields and buttons. My mind leaps, almost automatically, to the technique we use to analyze variables and stays there. I start performing some tests on a field — ... (Simon Knight)
    • Let’s stop copying C / fuzzy notepad December 7, 2017
      Ah, C. The best lingua franca we have… because we have no other lingua francas. Linguae franca. Surgeons general? C is fairly old — 44 years, now! — and comes from a time when there were possibly more architectures than programming languages. It works well for what it is, and what it is is a ...
      The Wiert Corner (jpluimers)
    • Oh nice. Feel free to QP. E2003WithConstsInDescendingClassesConsoleProject December 6, 2017
      Oh nice. Feel free to QP. Fails at least in Delphi XE8. program E2003WithConstsInDescendingClassesConsoleProject; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses ParentUnit in 'ParentUnit.pas', ChildUnit in 'ChildUnit.pas'; begin end. unit ParentUnit; interface type TParent = class // section can be strict ...
      The Wiert Corner (jpluimers)
    • The Accidental Expert December 6, 2017
      I had been working on a project for a few months, and it was still in the early stages. Installation was more difficult than it should have been. I had to download a zip package, unzip it, run a batch file, then stop services, edit a configuration file, copy a few other customized files into place, ... (Simon Knight)
    • Advent of Code December 4, 2017
      Last few days I'm having great fun solving problems from Advent of Code 2017 page and so does my daughter (with a bit of help from her dad). I'm using Delphi and she Python so that's also a good practice to brush my multilanguage skills ;)Go ahead, take a look at the problems. Some are simple, some ...
      The Delphi Geek (Primož Gabrijelčič)
    • Delphi tip of the day: {$WARN UNSUPPORTED_CONSTRUCT ERROR} December 4, 2017
      Delphi tip of the day: {$WARN UNSUPPORTED_CONSTRUCT ERROR} It will throw a compiler error when you use an attribute that isn’t defined as the above [WayBack] turns a warning into an error as normally [WayBack] UNSUPPORTED_CONSTRUCT is only a warning. Which means that this code now fails: type ...
      The Wiert Corner (jpluimers)


I’ll put something here one day, but it won’t be today.


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