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    • GitHub Annual Game Jam October 20, 2017
      GitHub has an annual game jam. It starts November 1 and will run for 30 days. Announcement Itch Page for organization (join the jam here) I haven't used Pascal for games in a long time, I might try to set ...
      Pascal Game Development
    • OmniThreadLibrary 3.07.4 has been released October 19, 2017
      Bug fixes:TOmniEnumeratorProvider and TOmniValueEnumeratorProvider support dmoPreserveOrder option. Now you can use PreserveOrder modifier on Parallel.ForEach when input is IEnumerable, IEnumerator, TEnumerator, or TEnumerable.Fixed 64-bit issues in DSiWin32, GpLists, GpStringHash, and ...
      The Delphi Geek (Primož Gabrijelčič)
    • Configuring DprojSplitter to Your Needs October 19, 2017
      Unless I already told you privately, you might not be aware of an undocumented (well, at least before today) option to adjust DprojSplitter to your needs. By default DprojSplitter splits the following entries in each PropertyGroup of a dproj file: Debugger_RunParams Debugger_RemoteRunParams ...
      The Art of Delphi Programming (Uwe Raabe)
    • Implementing AJAX and JSONP Support in RAD Server for ExtJS October 19, 2017
      Idera recently acquired Sencha ( and has added the company products to the Embarcadero business unit, which produced RAD Studio and also the RAD Server web service technology. A natural question arises on how to use the two products together. While there are several options, ...
      Marco's Tech Blog (marcocantu)
    • HttpAPI: A New Horizon October 19, 2017
      The modern software development landscape is a very complex thing and it changes very fast, as well. New programming languages are created and new application frameworks are released literally every week. Still, most applications need to somehow communicate with the world – regardless of which ...
      RemObjects Blogs (Anton Kasyanov)
    • delphi – VCL events with anonymous methods – what do you think about this implementation? – Stack Overflow October 19, 2017
      A long time ago, Pablo Vizcay a.k.a. [WayBack] pragmatic_programmer wrote some cool code at [WayBack] delphi – VCL events with anonymous methods – what do you think about this implementation? – Stack Overflow. I still think it’s a very neat solution to bind method references ...
      The Wiert Corner (jpluimers)
    • Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin is Speaking at CodeRage XII October 19, 2017
      Here in the Delphi community, we all know Dr. Bob Swart, and CodeRage wouldn’t be complete without him (he has a session this year on Customizing DataSnap Method Output, don’t worry.). This year we are also hearing from Uncle Bob, the author of Clean Code – A Handbook of Agile ...
      The PodCast at (Jim McKeeth)
    • What to do When Testing gets Boring October 18, 2017
      I have heard more than one person say that if testing isn’t interesting and fun, then you aren’t doing it right. Those people probably haven’t spent time working on a sprint cycle, taking new features and delivering new software every week or two. Testing is a wonderful and ... (Simon Knight)
    • Why Delphi users love @TMSsoftwareNews: bugfix within 2.5 hours. October 18, 2017
      People love @TMSSoftwareNews because of the short bug-fix turnaround. In this case 2.5 hours: [WayBack] @jpluimers: @TMSsoftwareNews when entering a perfectly valid email address like Please enter a valid Email Address. –jeroen @TMSsoftwareNews when entering ...
      The Wiert Corner (jpluimers)
    • Remote debugger recalcitrance October 17, 2017
      My development machine in my main week day job does not have some custom hardware that a nearby test machine does. It doesn’t make sense to load up the development environment onto the test machine for various reasons, so I am a fairly irregular user of remote debugging against my Win32 ...
      Brian Long (Brian Long)


I’ll put something here one day, but it won’t be today.


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